The Dalai Lama Joined Twitter… Wait. What?

So he did it, like really. Check out @DalaiLama. And he even received a welcome from Twitter VP Sean Garret.

It was influenced in part by a hoax that happened last year. @OHHDL, The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The incident was one that actually influenced Twitter to create verified accounts. Check out who @verified is following for a list of verified accounts.

Conon O’Brien also joined the twitter scene on Wednesday. And Bill Gates joined back in January...

It seems like the big voices are starting to realize Twitter has an audience that’s willing to pay attention. And I think it's a bigger step for contemporary leaders to make, opposed to celebrities. If religious leaders, especially, can begin to utilize social media they ultimately will be reaching a whole new audience. A younger audience that could be more receptive to these ideas when posed in a realm they feel comfortable with. One that is modern and new.

Twitter just passed Myspace in daily status updates, 30 million for Myspace vs. Twitter's 55 million. Twitter continues to grow! I wonder who else is going to join the conversation...

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