The End of the World - WAIT - No.... it just got better!

God, I love Firefox. But since my recent upgrade I’ve encountered a couple crashes. 
Firefox is supposed to be better than Explorer, cooler than Safari, and simply tighter than Chrome. Even though the shiny new browser is getting all the buzz, and IE8 is looking great to some previous haters, I’m still standing with Firefox. It’s held fast, rang tried and true, and I refuse to sell my soul to Google – at the moment.
 While I didn’t discover the root of evil brewing in my browser (got close maybe) I found something else quite tantalizing. I did a bit of searching, Web 2.0 style, and was pleased to discover Mozilla is taking all the steps in the right direction to make me, the cacophonous and concerned consumer just  another faithful and Facebook savy fan.  Mozilla Firefox can boast about their 1.3 million fans on Facebook but check out their Twitter! Only 29 followers at the time of this posting so all social media watchdogs keep an eye out to see just how beneficial tweeting may be when trying to reach the confused public.  
Mozilla has a number of interesting online projects to help their users not only learn about the product but get the most out of it then fall in love with it and ultimately share it. SUMO Blog is one of them, short for Support Mozilla, and this Wednesday they posted about their Twitter exploration. Mozilla is attempting, through social media, to hold onto their fans and stomp out viral bushfires before anyone gets burned.
They shared 3 objectives concerning their new @firefoxcares account.
  1. Reach out to users who need help, using little snippets that could solve their problems. Long-term, we want to reach close to 100% of all users.
  2. Get a better understanding of the current perception of Firefox and the biggest problems users experience, and act upon that information.
  3. Prevent issues from becoming viral by intercepting and channeling to SUMO if help is not possible through Twitter.
I’m a big fan of numero 3.

(Take the hint Nestle. Everyone else is.)


Greenpeace's Viral Assault on Nestle is Hot.

In an ingenious grass-fire like storm of viral upheaval Greenpeace has spread the word and lit a bottle rocket underneath environmentalists all around the world. The next target on the end to global warming: the deforesting-orangutan-killing-palm-oil-fiend-and-proud-supporter-of-chocolate–and-cheese… Nestle.

Nestle’s Facebook Page where tens of thousands of “un-fans” actually became “fans” of Nestle’s page in order to voice their outrage over destroying one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world... has actually been taken down. Overran with comments against Nestle, and especially the KitKat (highlighted in Greenpeace’s video that ignited the blaze,) it seems as though the company decided to cut ties from FB and remain vocally absent in a battle happening on the frontlines of social media. Good idea? Probably just more bad press…

Greenpeace, however, is present on all fields and tweeting a ton. They’re interacting, not riling up tweens who deface their trademark (my interpretation of Nestle’s comments on their FB page when it was still flowing) – they’re ready for business baby. Riding out the rage and enjoying the spoils. Interacting with followers and also putting them straight.

Touche Greenpeace.

And it’s only getting hotter... Bet Nestle would like a break now.


Where are you?!!

I don’t really want to know where all my friend’s are every moment. But sometime, say a Friday night at 10:30… it’d be pretty nice to locate my friend base.

Foursquare (Check in. Find your friends. Unlock your city.) Gowalla (Go Out. Go Discover. Go Share.) Loopt (Discover the world around you.) and Yelp (Real people. Real reviews) are some of the location based check-in services that use GPS mobile devices to help consumer “find” the friends, places, and bar specials they desire.

Leading the foray is Foursquare which incorporates gaming tactics that involve users more than the other sites. For example, you can win badges. Foursquare actually introduced 16 new South by Southwest badges just for the crowds that showed up in Austin. One being a Tarantino badge, check-in for sitings of the famous director Quentin Tarantino, a known fan of Austin.

Foursquare can connect with your Twitter and Facebook networks, and has user comments, or reviews, so it becomes not so much where to go… but what to do when you get there. It allows people to unlock the neighborhoods they frequent, and discover places they might not have thought to enter.

They idea itself could seem scary to some, but the rapid evolution of these sites is not something to discard.

But the key – everyone must have the ability to opt-IN. NOT OUT. The moment a consumer begins to feel their information is being used without their consent this idea of playing with “where” can turn to playing with “who” and no big business wants the fingers pointing at them.


A Podcast From the Hill

Podcast Assignment for Social Media for Public Relations class. During the podcast we discuss the growing St. Edward's community, interview Arnold Hernandez, an alum and current admissions staff, and muse about our own SEU futures.

00.30 - Homecoming
01.30 - Recent Events
Transit's Show, Gallery Exhibit, Precious Screening
02.50 - Arnold Hernandez's Journey
06.35 - Our SEU Future
07.30 - Closing

A Podcast From the Hill – Episode 1, March 8th, 2010

[Intro Music Begins]

Intro: Welcome to “A Podcast From the Hill” the source for your St. Edward’s happenings every second Monday of the month. This week your hosts Haza Newman, (hello) Andrew Zimmer (hey there), and Kiara Brynne (howdy) discuss the growing St. Edward’s Community.

Andrew: As fellow Hilltoppers may know two weeks ago St. Edward’s University celebrated it’s 125th anniversary.

Kiara: Kinda crazy!

Andrew: It is! It’s exciting. And I think the student body, myself included, was definitely ready to participate in the 125th homecoming festivities. They went all out this year!

Haza: Banners, giant footprints, free food everywhere… With so much activity happening around campus, it was almost hard not to get sucked into that – spirit.

Kiara: You’re right. The St. Edward’s community is growing, that spirit, I think, was ignited or grew in a lot of people this semester.

Andrew: And it’s really cool to be a part of it right now, but after we graduate are we still going to be a part of it?

Haza: Maybe. I mean it depends on a lot of things.

Andrew: Exactly. Later in the podcast we’ll talk to an alumnus of St. Edward’s that decided to stick around, and be a part of the community even after graduation.

Haza: We were pleased to discover that St. Ed’s not only helps students “learn to think”, but offers career placement after graduation - while also creating so many opportunities for current students to contribute to the very rich history of this university. And hopefully 125 more years of excellence.

01.30 - Recent Events

Andrew: And this month there are several events around campus for students to show off their talent and also enjoy themselves. Tonight Transit Theatre Troupe, a student producing organization, closes their first show of the semester Recent Tragic Events.

Kiara: The play, written by Craig Wright, takes place the day after 9/11. The show is most importantly free, its pretty hilarious and also beautiful. 80% of donations will go to the Haiti Relief Fund, a recent tragic event, and the other 20 to help Transit continue to offer free site specific theatre on St. Ed’s campus.

Andrew: And where’s that happening?

Kiara: Right outside Trustee Hall at 7:30. Tonight. So Haza, what’s going on with the photography department this month?

Haza: Over at the Fine Arts Building on Friday the Photocommunications Senior Exhibition opened and it runs until April. Friday night the crowd sipped wine and enjoyed the exhibit. But the Fine Arts Gallery is open every day. I think its definitely worth checking out.

Andrew: And if you’re Facebook savvy check out the The Committee for Multicultural Advancement’s event, they’re hosting a screening of Precious March 27th in Jones Auditorium, at 7pm to celebrate Womens’ History Month. Following the film there will be a discussion with Sociology and a Social Work professors.

Kiara: Precious is a really powerful film. I totally recommend heading to Jones that night to catch it.

02.50 [Music in]

Haza: This week we spoke to Arnold Hernandez, a former St. Edward’s student that now works in the admission office. Arnold has returned to us after working with broadcast channels, working as a motivational speaker, and in the public relations field. As a member of the graduating class of 2003 its interesting to hear his journey and how he found his way back to St. Edward’s.



Kiara: So do you guys think you’ll want to give back to this community after graduation? Or can you even imagine working here?

Andrew: Definitely. I’ve got so much from attending St. Edward’s. I know that I would be thrilled to work with the theatre department after graduation, or even if I got a desk job. I think I would really enjoy coming to work on our beautiful campus.

Haza: I think I would really like to give back to St. Edward’s. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and maybe if things worked out with the photography or communications aspect I’ve what I’m studying I’d like to come back. What about you?

Kiara: I want to make it a priority at some point, for sure. This university has been my life for three years, you know? And I don’t think once I’m gone I’ll be quick to forget the time, energy, and emotion I devoted to this place. Especially the theatre department.

Andrew: Those were some great points. Arnold had some good input on what its like to be a graduate and employee of St. Eds.. Hopefully, current students won’t dismiss the idea of giving back to the school. Their contributions would be invaluable.

[Music in]

Kiara: Be sure to follow StEdwardsU on twitter for down to the minute news on campus. Thanks for joining us this Monday! I’m Kiara Brynne.

Andrew: I’m Andrew Zimmer.

Haza: I’m Haza Newman. And this was…

All: A Podcast From the Hill.

Kiara: If you’d like to discuss this weeks episode, or read the transcript, you can find that and more at www.apodcastfromthehill.blogspot.com.

Andrew: Thanks for listening!

Kiara: Thanks.

Haza: Thanks!