Greenpeace's Viral Assault on Nestle is Hot.

In an ingenious grass-fire like storm of viral upheaval Greenpeace has spread the word and lit a bottle rocket underneath environmentalists all around the world. The next target on the end to global warming: the deforesting-orangutan-killing-palm-oil-fiend-and-proud-supporter-of-chocolate–and-cheese… Nestle.

Nestle’s Facebook Page where tens of thousands of “un-fans” actually became “fans” of Nestle’s page in order to voice their outrage over destroying one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world... has actually been taken down. Overran with comments against Nestle, and especially the KitKat (highlighted in Greenpeace’s video that ignited the blaze,) it seems as though the company decided to cut ties from FB and remain vocally absent in a battle happening on the frontlines of social media. Good idea? Probably just more bad press…

Greenpeace, however, is present on all fields and tweeting a ton. They’re interacting, not riling up tweens who deface their trademark (my interpretation of Nestle’s comments on their FB page when it was still flowing) – they’re ready for business baby. Riding out the rage and enjoying the spoils. Interacting with followers and also putting them straight.

Touche Greenpeace.

And it’s only getting hotter... Bet Nestle would like a break now.

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