New Kids on the Web

In Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba's Citizen Marketers they state that "content creators online tend to be young, and they're getting younger."

Today social media and the world wide web are so connected it is normal and almost natural for an internet user to eventually add something to the webscape. Nearly everything is accessible when you sit down at a computer, add in cellphones (ownership of cellphones among 4-14 year-olds has shot up 50% since 2005), and you can have middle schoolers updating their Twitter and Xanga accounts over lunch.

One new kid on the web, that of whom I'm a fan, is Tavi. Tavi Gevinson started her blog "Style Rookie" in March of 2008, when she was 11. She also works for British magazine Pop where she writes another mostly photo blog, and has been featured on the cover. She's a superstar in Japan, and a "dork" as she claims on her blog. Check her out at fashion week here! Also... she's the inspiration for the new Rodarte line at Target.

Pretty cool for 13. I think.


  1. Beyond cool for a 13 year old. When I was 13 I was begging my mother to let me go to the movies with my girlfriends. This girl however, is 13 and making her rounds at fashion week. Her fashion sense is along the lines of a young tween who has yet to learn how to make outfits match. But what do I know... the girl already has her foot in the door in the fashion industry while I'm struggling to support my Nordstrom addiction.

  2. I totally agree, that is pretty amazing how young she is. I also think about how life was whenever I was that age. I also felt like I got a cell phone pretty early in comparison to a lot of my friends (in early middle school), but now its not whether or not you have a cell phone, it is what capabilities or apps you have to go with it. It always blows my mind to see kids younger than 10 playing with a phone. Get this.. I had dinner with two kids, not even in kindergarten, who could effectively take pictures and navigate their way through an iPhone-CRAZY. It just goes to show that younger generations are going to be even more savvy with social media.