Facebook's Spring Awakening

This week Facebook not only made some drastic changes to it's own site but made some noticeable alterations to the world wide web. I found nearly every story about Facebook intriguing this week, as they begin to play a huge role in the way millions of people interact on the Internet. Below is a quick breakdown of Facebook matters at hand this week.

1. Mark Zuckerberg announces the idea of the "Open Web." Highlighting Facebooks Open Graph Protocol, which from what I understand is basic code (part of the META tags)that incorporates primarily a like button, and ultimately a connection to from any website back to Facebook. Facebook then becomes this underlying, or overruling, system of personalized connections across the web. Like a fabric the rest of the web must then exist on, it's a bit overwhelming. In the past Facebook only stored personal information for 24 hours but now all information will continue to be stored so that developers can have continual access to the info. From what I've read it seems that developers just hacked around the original policy but it still remains a privacy issue.

2. Gets rid of Facebook Connect.This was announced as part of the Open Graph launch. Facebook Connect was the dialogue box that popped up previously when you wanted to connect with a site. With the launch of Open Graph Facebook has 30 web services that can allready connect, providing a personlized experience (via FB) on any of those websites. A few of those include Pandora, Microsoft Docs, Yelp, and IMDB. But the like button is up almost everywhere at this point. I haven't clicked like on anything yet though... it's a bit eerie and I'm a bit skeptical about widening my virtual footprint so quickly.

3. Part of inner-company challenge called Hackathon Facebook developers have created Facebook Me. A themed mini-blog that creates automated content using your Facebook profile. 

4. Facebook has eliminated the "become a fan" option replacing it with the soon-to-be synonymous "like" button. Along side this they are linking Profiles and Pages together. So I have a few friends that have a profile and also a page because they're entertainers, I'm going to have to keep an eye out to see how this effects my home feed and their walls.

5. Russian hacker Krillos steals 1.5 million Facebook IDs.

6. Facebook Lite, stripped down version of the original site, no more.

7. Facebook COO in Vogue...

What an eventful week for Facebook!


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