Time Warner Cable Takes Time to Focus on Twitter

This week in Social Media for PR we talked about social auditing and watching an organization or a brand through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.

I've collected some tweets and posts from the past few days to begin to discover Time Warner Cable's success and failures.

I was glad to find that not only does Time Warner Cable have a twitter account devoted to customer service but the entire structure of media that is Time Warner Inc. has an account that promotes upcoming premieres and events.

With only 542 followers @TWCableHelp isn't reaching its customers. Isn't something being loss when a company creates this dynamic but doesn't fully use it to improve their public relations?

They are trying though. Or at least created the appearance of that. A user created side panel on the @TWCablehelp lists four members of their Twitter team: @TWCablePhil @TWCableBrienH @TWCablePaulS @TWCableBrianP 
And they also share an afterhours help email TWCable.Help@twcable.com
The guys are definitely polite on @TWCablehelp too.

So while I doubt these twitter users  know about @TWCableHelp perhaps the customer service representatives should reach out to these customers through the medium in which they're expressing concern about the company.

 And there were also some other things that users found relevant and re-tweeting about, some of those below.


I'll post again about Time Warner Cable next week as I delve deeper into the organizations presence in social media.


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  1. Hi there, K. Glad to see that you appreciate our social care team. They're new, and as I'm sure you're well aware, any social media campaign takes time to build followers. Just because a river's small doesn't mean it can't carve out a canyon ...

    I'd be happy to talk to you more about our presence in social media if you like. Feel free to e-mail me at jeff.simmermon@twcable.com.

    You can find me on Twitter, too: @jeffTWC


    -Jeff Simmermon
    Director, Digital Communications
    Time Warner Cable